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ProAngler Rod Guide

How the ProAngler Rods improves fishing performance  


1. Technology

Stainless Steel is the ultimate fishing guide alloy. With stainless steel frames and with the new stainless steel eyelets, It’s lighter, harder, smoother and more durable than anything out there. 


2. Sensitivity

Rod sensitivity is affected by the weight of the rod tip and number of guides. The lighter and faster action of the tip, the higher the sensitivity.  Just look at the first 8 inches of a ProAngler rod.  And the more guides, the faster the vibration is transferred through the blank. The guides are spaced based on a Sine Wave calculation that carries the vibration to the handle. Other makes of rods actually dampen the vibration.  With the Pro Angler Rods there is more overlap at the connection of the front piece and the second increasing sensitivity. Also the back rod goes totally through the handle to the end, increasing the feel in the handle. With the ProAngler Rod you will actually feel your minnow swimming at the end of the line. 

3. Casting Distance

Casting distance is affected by the number, size, height and position of the guides along the rod blank. In essence, the straighter and more efficiently the line is fed through the guides, combined with the least amount of friction, the longer the cast.


4. Accuracy

The lower the frame and smaller the diameter of the tip section of guides, the greater the accuracy of the cast. Similar to an on-target follow-through in the throwing of an object, this feature ensures a more accurate delivery of the cast.


5. Balance

The balance of the rod is affected by the weight of the guides. Lighter guide weight, especially at the tip, results in greater comfort while fishing, as well as greater sensitivity in detecting strikes, simply because the rod’s balance is not tip-heavy. 

6. Line Twist

In spinning rods, the greater the number of guides, the less line twist will occur. Since line comes off a spinning reel in a spiral motion, line twist is inherent in spinning gear.  Guides remove most of that line twist on the retrieve, especially under fighting tension. Thus, the more guides, the more twist is  eliminated.


7. Hooking Power

The hooking power of any rod is directly related to the number of guides. Because more guides keep the line closer to the body of the blank, less energy is lost on the hookset— that is, more of the strength and action of the rod is brought into play.


8. Fighting Power

More guides, placed at more strategic locations along the rod blank, increase the fish-fighting power of the rod, whatever the action. Since more guides distribute more direct energy to the rod through line tension, “weak” spots are eliminated and more rod power is applied.


Bottom Line

ProAngler Rods are the lightest rods with the strongest backbone on the market. The 8 foot rod weighs only 4.2 ounces and the 10ft weighs 5 ounces.